TreeCredits, super short explained


Lord Nicholas Stern: The two defining challenges of our century are climate change and poverty. And if we fail on one, we will fail on the other. 2009

Ban Ki Moon: Like in Microfinance, women can be agents of climate change too. 2009

Tree credits is a new concept to make tree planting go viral, especially in developing countries, following these principles:

  • To further biodiversity and improve local climate
  • To empower local people especially women
  • To generate income and maximise the value of the various forest products
  • To minimize the carbon footprint of implementation and monitoring
  • To organize simple method to channel global climate funds to the grass roots
  • To learn of KIVA about crowd funding and develop a more long-term version.
  • To make the schemes profit making, so the forestry projects might spread like MicroFinance/MicroInsurance do.


Main aspects of the used concept of community based forestry

  1. Cool the climate; forests play a central role in all scenarios
  2. Plant and grow billions of trees worldwide
  3. Food production in “food forests”
  4. Promote agro-forestry
  5. Rural income generation, tree based economy
  6. Further nature and biodiversity by planting mixed plantations
  7. Small scale, community based implementation with ‘village tree plan’
  8. Act locally, think globally, prepare for scale up
  9. Use standards for triple audit (climate, social, nature)
  10. Work only through existing channels to prevend duplication
  11. Operate like (or through) microfinance groups with account holders
  12. Use “profit” principle to make the scheme attractive at  all levels
  13. Make small monthly payments for tree maintanance, combine this with savings
  14. Introduced “pay per tree” principle, even for overheads, to simplify monitoring
  15. Use same channels to introduce other climate measures
  16. Use “no cure, no pay” principle for donor contributions
  17. Use also satellite images for monitoring
  18. Arrange carbon credits (CDM or VER)
  19. Regulate timber felling and sales
  20. This concept, combining climate measures with MFIs, merits the foundation of  a separate consultancy.

1) Development of forests covering the earth, million of years ago, removed carbon from the then atmosphere and made the planet suitable for certain plant and animal communities, including humans. But carbon emissions due to deforestation and use of fossil carbon over the last century have reversed the process. This brought the role of forests in carbon storage at the centre of climate change strategies.

Tree credits aims to facilitate planting of 1.2 trillion trees by 2050, enough for about doubling of the existing forest cover, to absorb most of the excess CO2 produced by men.