Solar forestry, in short

Solar forestry:
Since the TreeCredit food, income, climate system is envisioned as a part of an integral solution to world problems, we should include water and energy in the system too.
Especially alternative energy seems to conflict with trees, since trees bring shade and cut wind……but after all it might be a winning combination in many fields!
If a tree nursery and research center will be combined with a PV solar plant of +_+ 500kW (the optimum size!), mainly to sell to the grid.

Use the shade of the solar panels to protect the seedlings against the harsh tropical climate and the moisture of the plants to cool the solar panels from underneath, cooling improves their performance.
Synergy includes combining Project Financing, Planning, Viability– Housing, Roads, Fencing, Maintenance, Research facility, — Work, Income, Water + Energy supply, Community Participation
see for details


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